mustˈ-have, mustˈ-see, etc noun and adjective
(something) that one must have, see, etc in order to be in fashion
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adj. essential or highly desirable

the must-have blouse of the season

n. an essential or highly desirable item

this season's must-have is an ostrich bowling bag

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/ˈmʌstˌhæv/ noun, pl -haves [count]
chiefly US informal : something that is necessary to have or get

The newest version of the software is a must-have.

must-have adj, always used before a noun

must-have software

a must-have accessory

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must-see/must-read/must-have, etc. idiom
used to tell people that sth is so good or interesting that they should see, read, get it, etc.

Sydney is one of the world's must-see cities.

The magazine is a must-read in the show business world.

This is on my must-do list.

a must-have for any fan

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